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February 2011

Posted by Graig McElmuray on February 25, 2011 at 4:16 PM Comments comments (0)

Another month down in the year of 2011 -

We completed another 30' by 65' Clayton and Lambert Silver Shield bin this month.  I have to say that these two bins were more work, more time, and best feeling to be done with than any other bins that River Valley Bin has done in the last year. 

We finished up these bins on Monday February 14th.  It was a nice few days working, we had a good break in the weather and we got quite a few rings on in a single day.  While we did do quite a bit of battle with the weather I have to say that overall we were pretty lucky. 

Each of these two bins will hold 30,000 bushel.  When we return to Davenport later this spring or summer we will install new floors and unloads. 

Other News:

River Valley Bin Construction is now River Valley Bin LLC.  February 15th River Valley Bin LLC was officially formed in the State of Nebraska.  River Valley Bin is happy to take another step forward to better serve our customers.

Spring Summer 2011:

We have very few spots left for bins this summer.  While we have reached near capacity for the summer, we would still love to put a bid in for you on your projects.  With quality weather we may be able to get to more bins then we have currently bid. 

Fall Winter 2011:

We are looking for jobs that farmers want done before next spring but not before the harvest this fall.  We will be giving discounts on labor over the winter months.  Service included.  Get in touch with us.  If you are planning a project call us this summer and we can get you on the schedule for the winter so you are ready to go for Harvest 2012.



Davenport, Nebraska

Posted by Graig McElmuray on February 4, 2011 at 10:32 AM Comments comments (0)

Clayton and Lambert - Silver Shield grain bins. 


This past month we have been working, when the weather allows, on several grain bins for a farmer in Davenport, NE.  These bins are used Clayton and Lambert - Silver Shield grain bins that were torn down and are now being re-erected on the farmers home place.  These bins are 30' in diameter and are 20 rings tall.  Each ring is 30" and there are 16 sheets to a ring.  This makes for an eve height of 50' and a peak height well over 60'. 


Needless to say these have to be the most interesting bins that I have done todate.  There is a ton of bolts involved.  Each sheet has 75 holes that need to be filled.  Also the extras really do make these bins a time consuming construction. 


If you check out our pictures you will see that we are not using our standard Bainter Hydraulic Jacks.  We are using a jack that is specific to this type of bin.  Athough the are working pretty well now there have been several bugs in the system that we have been fixing along the way.  First is the ability to level the bin on the way up.  We have been adjusting the jacks manually to allow the bin to go up level.  Second is the electronic release for the flow control valve on the hydrulic rams.  When they are wired correctly they work like a charm.  When not wired correctly nothing moves.


I fully respect the Bainter Jack system now and it is all that I would recomend.


As you can see one is done and I am sure that the other (weather permting) will be done soon after I type this. 


More pictures are coming and check back often for updates.